Powder coatings are available in 3 generics i.e. PURE EPOXY, EPOXY POLYESTER & PURE POLYESTER in various shades, gloss & finishes

Powder coatings provide protection & aesthetics to the substrate & offers various advantages in terms of quality, versatility & durability.
The application process technology ensures fast process, uniform single coat & complete coverage coating application which is environment friendly.

Home appliances, Automotive components, furniture, sanitary fittings, power tools, oil filters, air cleaners, & hot water radiators. for toughness, hardness & corrosion resistance. Architectural, electric & electronic industrial components.

CONFIRMATION TO PERFORMANCE  tests are carried out in testing laboratory of
the authetic technical institute, Pune. & regular testings, inspection by Q.C. Items are passed.

Metal pretreatment & surface preparation prior to paint / powder coating is an essential step to ensure proper coating performance.
Metal pretreatment : Seven tank process sequence followed is as follows : 

Property Test by Standard
Colour Visual Manual
Gloss level Visual / glossometer 60 Degree
head at lab.
IS 101 / DIN67530
Adhesion Cross hatch test IS 101 / DIN 53151
Scratch hardness Scratch tester IS 101 / 5/2
film thickness DFT ferrous / non ferrous film thickness tester IS 101 / 3/2
Impact resistance Impact tester ASTM D2794
Erichsen Test erichsen cup DIN 1520
Flexibility Test Conical mandrel ASTM D 522
Curing M E K rub test
Salt spray Salt spry cabinet ASTM B 117