* To provide greater customer satisfaction through quality of the finish system & services
* To achieve leadership in our field of business
* To give reasonable returns to our employees
* To work for the clean environment
* To ensure business leverage through technological leadership
* To take pride in making profits


* We at TEF-S-KOATING are committed to achieve the highest quality standards of
   its finish system & services for maximum customer satisfaction & long lasting customer relationship

* We shall process the coatings for improving environment, keeping in view environmental &
  social needs

* Reserves must be created to provide for adverse conditions

* In order to attain this the unit would strive
      - to ensure profitable deployment of resources
      - to reduce wastage at all levels
      - to build highly motivated & skilled human resources by planning & providing training
      - to develop, adapt & improve technologies & methods continuously to attain higher
        productivity & better cost effectiveness
      - to improve & maintain clean, orderly & safe working conditions.

* When we operate according to these principles, we & the employees should realise a fair returns